Designer Recommended Looks for the Season

To keep you "on trend" this season with the latest style inspiration, Claire, our Director of Design and fashion professional, has selected some great combinations to accessorize your Fall fashion wardrobe.

Whether it is a special gift or a treat for yourself, Style Dots has the perfect jewelry set for you.

October Birthstone
Be pretty in pink this month with our Pink Tourmaline inspired dots, styled with a selection of the Bling Line.
Bold Blue
You can’t beat the classic combination of gold, silver and royal blue! Here we’ve added blue Dots to a pair of highly detailed, mixed-metal necklaces for a layered look that works well with almost any neckline.
Mellow Yellow
Let your jewelry match your sunny disposition with these bright yellow Dots. We’ve paired them with sleek silver foundations that add even more shine to your ensemble. Not only is this set perfectly coordinated, but also perfectly on-trend.
Fresh Aqua
Aqua and azure Dots bring the blues of sea and sky to your jewelry. When you wear this perfectly balanced layered necklace set and matching earrings, your breezy look will give you an air of contentment and confidence.
Rich Red
Quarter moons in a remarkable shade of red and shimmering Aurora Borealis crystals swirl around each other in the intriguing Red Aurora Dots. When these Dots are placed in the dramatic Allure foundations, the look is even more fascinating!
Radiant Red
You’ll feel like royalty when you waltz through your day bejeweled with the Red Shimmer and Red Twinkle Dots in our fabulous Bling Foundations. Wearing this glamorous set will make even the most ordinary day feel most splendid.
Casual Olive
The colors of Fall can get added to your wardrobe in a snap with the addition of the Olive Quatrefoil Dots in our perfectly polished foundations. The large oval and infinity links of the necklace and mid-size hoops earrings will add a trendy look.
Orange Spice
Our orange and coral dots go from season to season matching the flowers of Spring and Summer, the Pumpkin Spice of Fall and the berries of Winter. - They look extra lovely when snapped in our layered Bling necklaces and earrings.
Warm Gold
Yellow Gold has a warm glow about it, but we’ve given it an edgier appeal by forming it into bold links and medium-sized hoops in a highly-polished finish. With beautifully crafted Yellow Gold Dots snapped in, your look rises to the height of fashion.
Rosy Gold
Dots in a rich shade of plum coordinate beautifully with these tantalizing Rose Gold foundations. The Rose Gold Bling Key Necklace is so on-trend and the bling is matched on the Botanical Rose Gold Statement Dot. Together, this set speaks volumes!
Arm Party
Blues and grays and silver, oh my! Create this dramatic arm party by layering complimentary Style Stacks with the sleek Classic Bolero Bracelet that features petite crystals on the ends for added sparkle.
Casual Bling
The new Sundance line combines sporty and blingy elements for a doubly fashionable look. Casual enough for everyday wear and with enough flair for the office and outings, you’ll love the way you look wearing these standout pieces.