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Style Dots is YOUR Social Selling Boutique Company featuring interchangeable jewelry, accessories, handbags and footwear!
You'll Get Everything You Need to Be Successful
Our Boutique Showcases come with everything you need to start your business with Style Dots.

Boutique Showcase

$900+ Value!

The Boutique Showcase Includes:

  • 6 Necklaces
  • 3 Bracelets
  • 2 Rings
  • 2 Pairs of Earrings
  • 1 Scarf
  • 30 Original Dots
  • 8 Statement Dots
  • 3 Style Squares
  • 3 Dot Reveals
  • Dot Booklet
  • 3 Dot Keys
  • Business Supplies (Sales Slips, Catalogs, Mentoring Cards)
  • The first month of Personal Website free
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Elite Showcase

$2,000 Value!

The Elite Showcase Includes:

  • 9 Necklaces
  • 8 Bracelets
  • 5 Rings
  • 2 Pairs of Earrings
  • 1 Scarf
  • 1 Small Organizer Bag
  • 49 Original Dots (2 Couture)
  • 14 Statement Dots (2 Couture)
  • 6 Style Squares (2 Couture)​
  • 10 Dot Reveals
  • Dot Booklet
  • 9 Dot Keys
  • Business Supplies (Sales Slips, Catalogs, Mentoring Cards)
  • The first month of Personal Website free
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Stay Motivated with Exclusives and Incentives
We want you to be successful. That’s why we have multiple incentives, exclusives, and perks to help keep you motivated as you continue to build your business!

Instant Discount

Get up to a 25% discount as soon as you sign up!

Exclusive Product

Fun, monthly incentives for clients, hosts, and partners!

Personal Website

Sell products directly on your own website!

Yearly Trips

Vacation with us! Earn a trip for one or two with Style Dots!

Director Bonus

Build a Style Dots sales team and get additional bonuses!

Training & Support

FREE training to help you reach your true potential!

Leadership That Cares About Your Success
We’re all “from the field.” That’s why when we built Style Dots, we literally built the company of our dreams. A company that we ourselves would want to be representatives for.
Meet Gina & Karen
Style Dots Co-Founders
Meet Claire
Director of Design
Meet Anna Marie
Director of Field Development
A Place Where You Belong
Come for the jewelry, stay for the sisterhood. At Style Dots, you’ll build lifelong relationships with people from all walks of life that share similar goals.
"My clients and I create such fun jewelry combinations together!"
Maureen headshot
"Style Dots helped me earn $17,000 for my son's tuition!"
Dare headshot
"I work my business around my schedule."
Betsy headshot
"I am blessed by the relationships I have made in this business. This has been truly life-changing!"
Frances headshot
"I am able to sell my Style Dots products just by wearing them!"
Jane headshot
"Style Dots is all about FREEDOM - freedom to work for my dream!"
Pam headshot
"Style Dots gives you the opportunity to make money, make friends, and have fun at something you love!"
Style Dots is Helping Women Achieve Their Goals
Betsy E.
"I used earnings from my Style Dots 
business to buy a new car!"
LaDonna M.
"My vacation to Cancun was paid for 
entirely by Style Dots!"
Dare R.
"New Floors thanks to my Style Dots 
income! No debt, ALL cash!"
Your success story starts today
We can’t wait for you to join the Style Dots sisterhood! Become a Boutique Partner today and start building the business you’ve always dreamed of!